Road Paraty – Angra dos Reis

The distance from Paraty to Angra dos Reis is 95 kilometers by road. This road takes approximately 1 hour and 38 minutes. Between historic Paraty and Angra, the trip is a spectacle. Dozens of islands appear at every turn, in a coastline cut by bays and peninsulas, especially Ilha Grande.

Waterfall Da Belina

Cachoeira Da Belina has two waterfalls and three natural pools. It is eight minutes from the Rio-Santos Highway, access is paved and steep.


Beach “Praia do Corumbê”

Located in a cozy fishing village, the beach of Corumbê has rustic kiosks that serve delicious seafood dishes.




Beaches “Praia Grande e Prainha”

Praia Grande (Large Beach) is a fishing village, from where tours to Ilha do Araújo are also offered. A short trail leads to Prainha (Small Beach)





Toca do Pastel and Beach “Praia do Porto”

A stop at Toca de Pastel is worthwhile. You have a great view of the coast and the sea.




Quiosque “Brisa do Mar”

300 meters further in the direction of Angra dos Reis, you pass by Quiosque Brisa do Mar. It is worth stopping there to have a drink or a snack and enjoy the beautiful view of the coast. (Rio – Santos – km 564)


Valley “Vale de Graúna”

It is worth visiting the Valley of Graúna. Leaving the Rio – Santos Highway, you can enjoy the beautiful landscape, flora and fauna. In the center there is a church and continuing along the road there are a waterfall and wonderful views.





The Taquari neighborhood on the Rio – Santos Highway is a very special place and little known to tourists, with a beautiful beach, waterfalls and exuberant nature.




Beach “Praia do Iriri”

On the Rio – Santos Highway, just before São Gonçalo beach, there is an exit to Beach of Iriri (approximately 28 km from Paraty towards Rio).




Indigenous Pataxó Village with Waterfall Iriri

Right after the exit to Praia do Iriri there is the exit to the village on the other side of the Rio-Santos Road




Beaches of São Gonçalo and São Gonçalinho

A very popular spot for tourists. To get to the beach it is necessary to cross a small arm of the river.




Beach “Praia da Cabana” (Taritubinha)

Cabana Beach is half-hidden on the Rio – Santos Road and can be reached via a trail.




Beach “Praia do Coqueiro”

Also called “Praia da Batangueira” this beautiful corner of our municipality is 44 km (27 miles) far from the Historic Center towards Rio de Janeiro by the BR-101.



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