Beaches of São Gonçalo and São Gonçalinho

It is a popular spot for tourists, approximately 30 km from Paraty towards Rio. To reach the beach it is necessary to cross a small arm of the river, which, depending on the tide, can be done on foot or by canoe.

São Gonçalinho and São Gonçalo are very close, separated by a point of land that advances into the sea. While São Gonçalinho is a small and cozy cove, São Gonçalo is a long beach. The beauty, the lush forest, the sea without waves, the transparent and greenish waters are common to both beaches. The São Gonçalo river flows into the beach of the same name and it is good to be aware of the tide because when it floods, the crossing is not always smooth.

From the beach of São Gonçalo, boats depart that take tourists to Ilha do Pelado. On this island there is a bar on one of its beaches with calm and transparent waters.

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