Quilombo do Campinho

Road Rio – Santos, km 588

The Quilombo Campinho da Independência was founded at the end of the 19th century by three former slaves. Today it is a place that surprises in terms of differentiated leisure and community organization.(quilombo in wikipedia)

It houses 150 families who live from planting, handicrafts, jongo workshops and a restaurant awarded by travel guides. It is 13 km from Paraty towards Ubatuba. And it’s not just for tourists. Residents of the region usually enjoy shopping for handicrafts and good food, with a well-crafted menu in line with sustainable gastronomy. The focus here is community-based tourism, with a tour of agroforestry, family homes and performances of typical dances.


Every second Saturday of the month there is an event at the Quilombo’s restaurant


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